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Sometimes there are sad occasions in life where we want to send a token to someone just so they know we are thinking of them and praying for them. We are constantly asked for something to send to parents following a loss through death or miscarriage and nothing seems enough to convey the sorrow for their loss, how would words ever take even a bit of the pain away.

I remember one woman ordering a custom plaque for a family member who had lost her baby and she said the most important thing for the lady was to remember the child. People were walking on eggshells afraid to upset her by mentioning the baby but she wanted to cling on to the memories and the love she had in her heart for the child she never got to watch grow. She wanted physical reminders in her home so that her baby was talked about and remembered with love rather than sadness. We wrote a verse for our Heart On My Sleeve range and we were able to use this for plaques, cards and printed gifts as a way of celebratig the short life that was cherished every bit as much as any other child.

It did bring a few tears when given to the mammy but we were told that the comfort it brough in the following weeks and months was very special to the mammy as she had a memory piece proudly hanging in her home celebrating the short but very precious life of her baby.

Don’t avoid people who have suffered a devastating loss. We all fear we wont know what to say or will say the wrong things but the support of family, friends and even the kindness of virtual strangers can be a lifesaver to a parent drowning in their sadness.  Life does go on eventually even though they now carry the weight of their loss, but the support of others can lighten their load xx

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